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When: Friday, September 1st and 2nd, 2023

Time: Friday 4:30pm-7pm

Saturday 12pm-3pm

Where: Kaleidoscope Inspiration 602 Main St. Canon City, CO

Transfers that will be available

These are all the transfers that will be available to create your custom fall decor during the September 1st, First Friday and Saturday, September 2nd, first Saturday workshops.

You can use these as they are or you can mix and match parts of the different transfers to create your own custom design.

You can find sample projects below that I have done. As I do more, I'll add them below.

If you have any questions you can contact me by using the contact me section below, or you can headed to my facebook page by clicking here and going through messenger or head to the events page and ask there.

  • This is one side of the autumn cutouts that will be there. There are a few different design options, the picture next to this shows some others you can do.

  • This is the other side of the autumn cutouts. If you look in the image at the top of the page with the transfer options you'll see there's 6 different patterns, 4 for each one.

    You can also use something else on these, if you wanted to use the mini transfer design(s) or something from the transfer on the top middle. The option is yours!

  • This small square block is done with one of the phrases on the transfer in the bottom right of the transfer image above. The leaves on this one are from the transfer right next to the one the phrase is on where it says "Fall in love."

    This one is a good example of mixing and matching different transfers to get what I wanted.

  • On these two, the design that's on the acorn is on the transfer with the 12 small designs and the words on the leaf come from the transfer that is top and center of the transfer image above.

  • These cutouts are done with the other transfer with the patterns for these.

  • These are the back of the image to the right using the other designs on the transfers for these cutouts.

  • This pumpkin I painted black and then the "pumpkin kisses and harvest wishes" came from the transfer in the top center on the transfer image at the top.

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