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When: Friday, February 2nd and Saturday, February 3rd

Time: Friday 4:30pm-7pm

Saturday 12pm-3pm

Where: Kaleidoscope Inspiration 602 Main St. Canon City, CO

Transfers that will be available

These are all the transfers that will be available for you to create your custom craft. I will have others with me they just won't be out. If you want to see them you can just ask.

You can use these as they are or you can mix and match parts of the different transfers to create your own custom design.

You can find sample projects below that I have done. As I do more, I'll add them below.

If you have any questions you can contact me by using the contact me section below, or you can headed to my facebook page by clicking here and going through messenger or head to the events page and ask there.

Some surfaces that will be available

These are some of the surfaces I will have available to use for your projects. There will be others there as well along with some small wood heart cutouts to go with the mini transfers (the designs that have 12 small ones on the same sheet).

  • February 14th Heart

    This cute wood heart shaped cutout was made using the February 14th transfer. You can use this as a montage and use it as it is or you can use parts of it to get specific sayings on your own project.

  • Confection Candy Hearts on Box Frames

    These two fun and cute box frames are done using the confection candy hearts transfer with the sayings " cutie pie," "say yes" and others. The other candy hearts transfer will also work with this one. The two transfers can be used interchangeably.

  • I Hate You the Least

    This wood heart cutout was done using the I Hate You the Least transfer.

    The heart and lips were done using another I won't have out but will have there.

  • Heart Candy

    This transfer is fun as you can do all sorts of different things with it and it works with the Confection Candy Heart transfer as well.
    You can see some sample ideas and what these could look like in the image. I will not have the square block but I do have box frames and other surfaces available.

  • Love

    Use this design as you see it or split it up and put it side-by-side like in the sample. You can also just use a portion of it.

  • Perfect Match

    Use the different pieces of this transfer to make a small project or use several pieces to make your own custom design.
    The samples in the image show some examples of what you can do. I will not have these specific surfaces but I will have other surfaces available.

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