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When: Saturday, February 17th

Time: 12pm-3pm

Where: Kaleidoscope Inspiration 602 Main St. Canon City, CO

Transfers that will be available

These are all the transfers that will be available for you to create your custom craft. I will have others with me they just won't be out. If you want to see them you can just ask.

You can use these as they are or you can mix and match parts of the different transfers to create your own custom design.

You can find sample projects below that I have done. As I do more, I'll add them below.

If you have any questions you can contact me by using the contact me section below, or you can headed to my facebook page by clicking here and going through messenger or head to the events page and ask there.

Some surfaces that will be available

These are some of the surfaces I will have available to use for your projects. There will be others there as well.

Some other surfaces will be wood house cutouts, wood squares and rectangles of different sizes, wood mason jar cutout and others.

  • Wicked Chickens

    This sign was created using the Wicked Chickens and Kitchen's Closed transfer.

    The round sign will not be available but I will have other surfaces available.

  • Kitchen's Closed Sign

    This one was done on a black round surface (this will not be available as I do not have anymore but you could paint another surface black) and using the Wicked Chickens transfer. Add some farmhouse fun to your kitchen and let people know that you're done and the kitchen is closed.

  • Family Rules

    This one was done on a house box frame using the family rules transfer.

  • Kitchen Rules

    This one was done on the 10"x10" square plaque using the Kitchen Rules transfer.

  • Let's Stay In

    This one was done on the double sided board and base using the Let's Stay In and Let's Go Out transfer. Add some fun to your kitchen and tell people what the plan is for dinner tonight with this fun design and sign. This can be done on other surfaces as well.

  • Sassy Kitchen Sayings

    These oven mitts show the sassy kitchen sayings on some oven mitts. I will not have the oven mitts there but you can put these on other surfaces.

  • Sassy Kitchen Sayings

    This is another sample of the sassy kitchen sayings but this time on a double sided box frame.

  • Sarcasm Wood Round Magnet

    These fun magnets are made using wood rounds and some magnets glued to the back!

    You can make these using the "A Little Sass" transfer.

  • Woodland Animals

    These four adorable square signs were made using the Woodland Animals transfer.
    You can add leave them like this or you can add glasses and/or a bow to them.
    These adorable little signs would make great additions to a kids room or a room with an animal theme.

  • My Roost My Rules

    What parent doesn't need this in their house? Add some fun farmhouse themed decor to your house or give this as a gift to a friend or loved one and remind those kids whose roost this is!

  • Go Outside

    This fun box frame and wood round combo sign was made using the Go Outside transfer.

    This is just a sample, you can use this transfer to create whatever you want. There are other pieces to it so using this design doesn't mean you have to do this.

  • Dirty Martinis and Happy Hour

    This fun double sided box frame was made using the Call Me Old Fashioned transfer. There are 6 different designs on this one so there are several different options.

  • Cheers and Cork

    Another fun double sided box frame using the Call Me Old Fashioned transfer.
    You can mix and match the 6 different designs however you want to make it fitting for your house or as a gift.

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